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Founders' Note: A Letter to Our Community

Dear customers,

At, we believe in transparency and providing you with the best value for your money. We want to share with you our unique approach to running our business, which sets us apart from many other   e-commerce websites.

We truly believe in building our brand through the power of word of mouth. By delivering exceptional products and service, we rely on the recommendations and referrals of satisfied customers like you to help us grow organically. While this approach may take time to reach a wider audience, we are patient because we know that genuine support and trust are built over time.

We don't allocate a significant portion of our budget to advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, or YouTube. Instead, we trust in the power of our customers' satisfaction to spread the word about This allows us to save on advertising costs and pass those savings on to you.

Additionally, we take pride in our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We prioritize eco-friendly packaging for 90% of our products, reducing waste and making environmentally responsible choices. However, we don't invest heavily in extravagant packaging that would drive up costs. We believe in minimizing waste while still providing a safe and sustainable way to deliver your orders.

By reducing our spending on advertisements and packaging, we can allocate more resources towards sourcing high-quality products directly from farmers. We prioritize fair prices for farmers and their families, empowering them and contributing to sustainable agriculture. When you purchase from, you are not just buying a product; you are supporting a network of dedicated farmers and their communities.

We understand that some sellers may employ different strategies, such as attractive packaging, extensive advertising campaigns, and inflated prices with enticing offers. However, at, we believe in a different approach. We focus on offering you quality products at fair prices, with marginal profits that allow us to sustain our business.

We appreciate your trust and patience as we work towards building our brand. We believe that the strength of our products and the satisfaction of our customers will ultimately pave the way for our success. Your support and positive experiences are invaluable to us.

Thank you for being a part of the iFarmerscart community.





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