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The process of making Venda Velichenna oil (hot processed oil from coconut milk) typically involves the following steps: Extracting Coconut Milk: Fresh coconuts are grated or ground, and then mixed with warm water. The mixture is squeezed or strained to extract the coconut milk. This milk will be used as the base for making the oil. Settling: The extracted coconut milk is left to settle for a period of time. During this time, the cream and oil naturally separate from the water content of the milk and rise to the top. Skimming: Once the separation has occurred, the cream and oil layer is skimmed off the top of the settled coconut milk. This cream and oil layer will be used to make the Venda Velichenna oil. Heating: The cream and oil layer is then heated in a pan or pot over medium heat. The heat helps to further separate the oil from the cream and remove any remaining water content. Stirring and Cooking: The cream and oil mixture is stirred continuously as it cooks. The mixture gradually transforms as the water content evaporates and the oil becomes clearer and more distinct. Filtering: Once the oil has reached the desired consistency and color, it is carefully filtered to remove any remaining impurities or sediment. This ensures a clean and pure final product. Cooling and Storage: The filtered oil is allowed to cool down to room temperature and is then stored in clean, airtight containers. Proper storage helps maintain the quality and freshness of the Venda Velichenna oil.

iFarmerscart Venda Velichenna | Urukku Velichenna | A Taste of Tradition

    • Handmade oil with traditional preparation methods
    • Therapeutic properties for relaxation and well-being
    • Gentle and suitable for newborns
    • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
    • Versatile usage for skincare and hair conditioning
    • Trusted traditional product
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